linen saver
Since linen fibers have no natural crimp, they can be densely compressed. The so-called "needling" creates a taut felty material. Ideal as a mattress protector, which is absolutely breathable despite the relative density. The linen cover is ideal for all natural latex mattresses, which are known to carry the moisture absorbed downwards. The linen saver transports this moisture quickly and reliably to the room air.
The schooner is quilted on both sides with durable single jersey and edged with cotton tape. To attach to the slatted strips are sewn on the corners.
Cover 100% cotton organic GOTS
Single jersey
Filling 100% linen kbA GOTS
Corner tapes 100% cotton
Height 1 cm

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Linen cover for mattresses

Product no.: 4340919N

Delivery period: 14-21 working days
Delivery weight: 1.6 kg