Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions and consumer information
Article 1 basic provisions
(1) the following terms and conditions apply to all contracts between Alexandra Kagerbauer Hauptstr.19, 947258 Frauenau , Germany - provider hereinafter - the
Customers, which closed on the website of the www.mudis-haendlershop.de of the provider
be. Unless otherwise agreed, is the inclusion of the customer's own conditions
(2) consumer in terms of the following provisions is any natural person the alegal transaction,
completes for a purpose not their commercial or self-employed professionalactivity
can be attributed to. Entrepreneur is any natural or legal person or a legal
Partnership, which upon completion of a legal transaction in the exercise of theirindependent professional
or is commercial activity.
(3) the contract language is german. The full text of the Treaty is not stored withthe providerBefore
Contract datayou can submit the order via the online - shopping cart system
The browser's print function printed or saved electronically. After receipt oforder
with the vendor the order data, the legally prescribed information are at
Distance contracts and general terms and conditions the customer again byemail
be sent.
In quotations, for exampletelephone, transmitted via email or in writing to theprovider.
all contract data in the framework of a binding offer via email will be sent, which
the customer can print out or electronically secure.
§ 2 subject of the contract
The contract is the sale of goods. The details, in particular the essential
Characteristics of the goods can be found in the item description and thesupplementary information on the
Internet site of the provider.
§ 3 conclusion of the contract
(1) the product representations of the provider on the Internet are without obligation and not binding offer
to the conclusion of a contract.
(2) the customer can get a binding purchase offer (order) through the online -shopping cart system
give off.
The goods intended for sale in the shopping cart are"filed. With thecorresponding
Button in the navigation bar can add to cart the customer"call and there at any time
Make changes. After calling the cashier page"and enter of the personal data as well as the
Payment and shipping conditions are finally once again all the order data on the
Order summary page is displayed.
Before submitting the orderthe customer has the option, all information toagain
sure to change (also feature the back"of the Internet browser) or cancel purchase.
By submitting the order button "subject to the payment order" enters thecustomer
binding offer for the provider. First of allthe customer receives an automaticemail about the receipt of his order, the not yet to the
Conclusion of the contract results.
(3) the acceptance of the offer (and thus the conclusion of the contract) arefollowed by confirmation in
Text form (E.g. email), in which the customer the processing of the order ordelivery of the goods
is confirmedor by delivery of the goods. Should the customer within 5 days oforder confirmation
or communication about the delivery or no goods received, he is no longer onhis order
bound. Services if necessary, already rendered will be immediately refunded inthis case.
(4) for example request the customer to purchase goods outside of the online -shopping cart system,
by phone, by email or in writing to the provider transmitted, are non-binding forthe customer.
The provider submits a binding offer in text form (E.g. by email), the customers,which
within 5 daysthe customer can accept.
(5) the processing of the order and delivery of all in connection with theconclusion of the contract
required information is carried out automatically by email to the partThecustomer is therefore to ensure
that the email address stored by the provider of him is true, the reception of theemail technical
ensured and in particular is not prevented by SPAM filters.
§ 4 prices, free shipping
(1) the prices stated in the respective offersas well as the shipping costsrepresent final prices. You
include all charges including all applicable taxes.
(2) the shipping costs are not included in the purchase price. You are on the payment page and
Shipping available, are shown separately in the course of the ordering process and by the customer
In addition to bear, if not the free shipping is said to.
(3) the customer shall receive an invoice with VAT.
§ 5